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Kimley Mayron's song, "Free Electron" brings a sense of calm towards the listeners

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

Kimley Mayron dropped her highly anticipated music video, "Free Electron" on May 18 2021. Free Electron is a calming track. It was created to express the artist's concept of freedom. She wanted to spread hope in a year when we are experiencing the Covid 19 pandemic.

Kimley is a 24-year-old singer, songwriter, and composer who writes her music. She is a self-employed artist. She grew up in Paris, travelled to Poland for a few years, and eventually settled on the East Coast of the United States. She creates pop electronic-acoustic music and draws inspiration from all over the globe.

She has been touring in Europe and America with the Jamaican artist Anthony B. He has been influencing her music with new rhythms and vibes that belong to reggae.

Today she collaborates with artists from different horizons like Pop, Reggae, Afro, Rap and RnB, from the US to Europe and also Africa as her last collaboration with a rising Congolese artist known under the name Innoss B.

Free Electron by Kimley Mayron
"Free Electron" Single Cover

The song, "Free Electron" has been written during the pandemic, and the video clip has been shot to make people travel and think about independence after 2021. The music video took place in the United States of America. It was directed by Amelie Dubach. The story behind the music video is about a free-spirited man. He does not let anyone impose on his life. Instead, he makes his own rules.

How does it represent her? It is based on her life and how she feels. She likes to travel, meet new people and discover new places. She believes that is the true recipe for happiness.

The message Kimley Mayron wishes to express through her lyrics is to restore one's independence and freedom. She wants everyone to believe that we can do whatever we want without being bound by laws or limits. This song says a lot about her: she's always on the go, discovering new people, landscapes, and ideas. Kimley demonstrates her authenticity with utter honesty in her first song. This clearly shows that it brings a sense of calm towards the listeners.

Kimley Mayron has gone on to explain the significance behind the track. She said:

« I wanted my first song to be Me with no Complex and Nothing superficial. Free Electron is a passport to the body and mind travel. »

Reggae music has influenced the song and beat of Free Electron. She learned a lot when she cooperated with Anthony B, and you'll hear reggae influences in her following tracks.

She dropped her highly anticipated music video on May 18 2021. At the start of the music video, it starts with a background noise that sounds like a cheering audience from a live show. Afterwards, it sort of sounds like an electric guitar as she starts to sing with her soft vocals. The music video is mostly centred around her, probably taking place in her home town. There is also a transition of images from trees, houses, and birds flying in the sky, it somehow brings a sense of calm while she sings in the lyrics:

"You feel like, you feel like, a free electron / The worldwide, the worldwide is the place you belong / All the time that you're gone for a while, yeah / All the time is, oh oh oh oh oh Too Long"

Her vocals are soft, smooth as she sings. Moreover, her vocals seem a bit high yet perfect when she said, "oh oh oh oh oh. " Her voice is like a melody bringing out a sense of calm towards listeners. The music lyrics are simple to understand. It is the type of track that is perfect for some travelling or having a vacation. It lets listeners know they should live and initiate their opportunities.

Overall, I loved the concept of the music video. In the beginning, a background noise sounded like a cheering audience from a live show. Although it was not necessarily a live show, it made the song unique. So much visual imagery was depicted from trees, houses, cars, and birds in the sky, only to mention a few. It brought a sense of calm towards me as the listener. Lastly, her vocals plus the song lyrics were perfect. It made the music video simple and straight to the point. Therefore, in light of all the points, I highly rate the track 10/10.

The video clip for "Free Electron":

The song is available on:

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